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Product Development Roadmap

2019 Product Upgrades Released

We are continuously adding new features and improvements to abcommerce. To see the features that have already been rolled out this year, click here to see our Release Notes.

2020/21 Free Upgrades Product Roadmap

The following are the planned free upgrades for 2020/2021 (this is subject to change):


  • One Click Checkout
  • LIVE - Checkout "Collection is Free" - improve sign-posting
  • MailChimp Integration Upgrades
    • Import version 4 order history so that old orders / baskets can be matched up with emails
    • Allow set up of Mail Chimp signup forms
    • Update JOIN NOW so that users can set their preferences + screen is customisable
    • Can download other Mail Chimp address lists so that they get their order/basket history
    • Automate download of opt-outs from Mail Chimp
    • Automate download of mail open stats from Mail Chimp
    • Integration with SMS texting
  • LIVE - Phonovation SMS Marketing Integration
    • Admin screen for sending out texts
    • Allow targetting of texts based on previous order and add to basket history
  • LIVE - Flexifi Integration
  • LIVE - Instagram / Facebook Integration
  • LIVE - Checkout Post Code Address Lookup
  • LIVE - Custom Product Configurator - allows customers to custom build their product
  • Lead Times / Instock Messaging - ability to add lead times so that "Out of Stock" messaging is changed to "In Stock - Allow X Days for Delivery"
  • LIVE - New Security Settings - further options to add admin users to website and restrict their viewing
  • Complimentary Products - option to upsell products when a user adds to basket
  • Once-off Promotion Codes
    • Option to set up single-use promo codes
    • Option to automate them with new account sign-ups
  • SEO Upgrade
    • Ability to set meta tags algorithm at the category level
  • Black Friday Icon / Custom Icons
    • Ability to change all special offers icon to "Black Friday Special"
    • Option to add 5 custom icons to website
    • Option to use 5 custom icons in dynamic categories
  • Files Management - Ability to upload generic files and reference them in multiple places around the site
  • LIVE - Swatches - Allow adding swatches as versions of a product
  • Customisable Automated Emails - Add emails to live edit widget manager + create order cancelled auto-email
  • Customisable Dispatch Notes - Add dispatch notes to live edit widget manager
  • LIVE - Email me when back in stock - Allow option for users to enter email for when a product is back in stock
  • Abandoned Baskets Email - Email users 3 hours after they abandoned the checkout with their basket 
  • LIVE - Vat Receipts - Allow B2C customers get vat invoices
  • Footer Widgets - Ability to add widgets to the footer of the website
  • Upgrade Internal Search
    • Add search as you type dropdown
    • Improve keyword search algorithm
    • Add keyword analytics
    • Allow synonyms for leywords
    • Allow manually setring products to display for a keyword
    • Allow enter redirect url for keywords
    • Allow adding banners for keywords
    • If product code entered, auto-redirect to that product detail page
  • New Admin Screens
    • LIVE - Shipping Rates
    • Refinements - Ability to set refinements for all products in a category through the front-end
    • Bulk assigning / unassigning to categories
    • LIVE - Setting up versions
    • LIVE - Setting up outlets + collection address
    • Bulk related products / complimentary products
    • LIVE - Bulk Import / Update Files


  • Linked Websites
    • LIVE - Ability for other websites to sell your products by just adding your product codes
    • Linked Categories - automate the above by linking a category on your website to a category on their website
  • Private Catalogues – including client logo
  • Trade Customer Accounts
    • Customers with Credit Accounts
    • LIVE - Customers with Sub Accounts
    • If a customer has a discount, automatically show a discounted price when they login
    • Budgets per customer
  • Order Management Admin – account managers only see orders from their accounts
  • LIVE - Wishl ist / Multiple List Management
  • Manager Order Approval
  • Submit for Quotation
  • Punchout
    • Integration with Punchout2Go
    • Optional Standard Punchout Integration without Punchout2Go


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