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The Platform

B2B Addon

AB Commerce comes with an externsive B2B Module which includes the following additional functionality:

Different B2C/B2B options
  • AB Commerce can be purely B2C or purely B2B or can be a Dual B2C/B2B platform
  • Dual B2C/B2B means that trade customers can log into the B2C platform and then the products and /or prices can change specific to them
Linked B2C Shops / Microsites
  • Your customers can have their own B2C websites that pull products directly from your B2B website
  • Includes real-time stock integration with your stock system
  • Incldues real-time changes to product details such as product descriptions and changes to product images
Systems Integration

Automatically integrate the following with your ERP:

  • Products + Versions/Variants
  • Stock
  • Product Categorisation
  • Related Products
  • Customers
  • Pricing / Price Plans
  • Offline/Telephone Orders

Real-time web services for:

  • Downloading Orders
  • Downloading Shipments (when multiple orders are grouped into 1 large order)
  • Downloading Stock ordered but not yet assigned to an order in ERP
  • Updating Order Status 
Trade/Contract Pricing
  • Can set Trade Pricing for products which are used for all trade customers
  • Or can use a more advanced price plans system where you can create different price plans consisting of groups of products and their prices - and assign price plans to specific customers
  • Or can give an overall discount to a customer for specific product categories
  • Can also have different price plans for different currencies
Pay on Account
  • Customers can pay on account
  • Customers can provide PO number during checkout
  • Can assign different tax rates to different products
  • Can allow the customer to view prices EX or INC tax
  • Can set default EU VAT Number for customers
  • Can set certain customers to not be charged tax
Private Catalogues
  • Can create private catalogues for specific customerrs
  • Customers can have products specific to them and/or also purchase from the public catalogue too
Grouping Multiple Orders into Single Large Order
  • Customers can place many small orders during the day
  • Web admin can group all their orders into a single order after their close off time for delivery
Multiple Lists Manager
  • Customers can create their own lists of products
  • Customers can then order quickly from these lists by adding parts of the list or all of the lists to their basket
  • Sales Reps can build lists of products and share these lists out to groups of customers
Sales Rep / Account Manager Login
  • Sales Reps and Account Managers can have their own login
  • They can search customers and log in as them - and then place orders on their behalf, or create baskets in their accounts for them to complete
  • They can build up lists of products with their List Manager either for themselves or for their customers so that they can create orders quickly from their lists
  • They will automatically get emailed a copy of each of their customer's orders as they are placed
Back in Stock Alerts
  • For products that are out of stock, customers can request an alert for when the product comes back in stock
  • Once the product is back in stock, they will get an email automatically
  • Also, when they log in, they will be alerted that there are products in their Back in Stock list that are available to purchase
  • Web admins can view the full list of email alerts requested by all customers to see which products have the largest demand for getting back in stock
Fast Order Entry
  • Customers can make large orders very quickly
  • As well as the List Manager functionality above, they can also fill in an order spreadsheet by just entering product codes and quantities
  • They can also add to basket from the list page so that they can create large baskets from the one product list screen
Fast Reorder Screens
  • For customers that make repeat orders, they can view previous orders and create baskets from these orders
  • Includes the option to reorder from telephone/offline orders and not just online orders
Display Order History while browsing
  • When customers view products, they will see the quantities ordered for each product over the last 15 months
  • The products that they have ordered before are highlighted too
  • Can set up links on their menu bar for the following:
    • Top Products ordered before
    • Top Products that you have not ordered before
Display RRP Prices
  • Can display RRP prices to customers
  • Option to use a separate RRP price plan
  • If using Linked Websites for your customer websites, they can use RRP as their default price on their website
Inner and Outer Pack Sizes
  • Can show inner and outer pack sizes
  • When adding to basket, the customer is encouraged to order quantities in multiples of these
Free Shipping
  • Can configure a customer to not be charged shipping
Sub Accounts
  • Can set up multiple logins for customers
  • Each login can view their own order history
Setting Budgets for Customers
  • Can set up a monthly and/or quarterly budget for accounts so that they are allowed to order on account up to the maximum budget level
  • Budgets can be shared across multiple sub-accounts

Customer Testimonial

"In order to develop our capabilities fully and to offer a higher level of service to our vast array of customers, Caulfield Industrial, Ireland’s Largest Broadline Industrial Supplier, has partnered with Magico / AB Commerce for our eCommerce website for many years now and we have grown our businesses together."

"We highly value the open honest and trustworthy relationship we have gained with Magico / AB Commerce during that time and we are continuing to partner with the dedicated team at Magico / AB Commerce now and into the future which only speaks for the quality and service we receive from this truly one of a kind partnership with a one of a kind company, our very best wishes to all at Magico / AB Commerce.."

- Alan Fallon Caulfield Industrial

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